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San Antonio GMAT - the best GMAT course in Central Texas. Take advantage of our excellent GMAT tutoring services.

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People travel from San Antonio and other cities throughout Texas to study with Dr. Amar. Our GMAT courses are tailored for busy professionals who prefer to seek help from an expert instead of spending time trying to sort through generic study materials. Meeting with an experienced professor in small group GMAT classes, our students are given personalized coaching and strategies to perform their best on the GMAT – learning advanced techniques for what GMAT really tests.


Our students say that the classes, materials, and coaching we provide are highly effective in explaining the key GMAT concepts. When Dr. Amar developed our unique GMAT course curriculum, he used knowledge from both the corporate world and academia to create better methods of teaching concepts. Dr. Amar graduated from MIT Sloan’s acclaimed Leaders for Manufacturing (LFM) program, now the Leaders for Global Operations (LGO) program, and worked for industry giants such as IBM and Intel.

San Antonio GMAT classes are tailored for busy professionals who want the very best in GMAT preparation.

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San Antonio GMAT is a proud affiliate of Austin GMAT Review, the premier GMAT preparation program in Texas. The GMAT test prep firm was founded in 2008 by Dr. Ajay Amar, a graduate of MIT's Sloan School of Management. Our company was built upon a simple principle: People learn best from excellent teaching and curriculum. GMAT preparation should focus on the individual student and that student's  goals.

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"Dr. Amar's passion for teaching is apparent. He clearly cares about his students and their success."

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Dr. Amar also holds a doctorate in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley, and in his early years at Berkeley, he worked as teaching assistant to a renowned Nobel Laureate, later winning Berkeley's prestigious Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor award. The Nobel laureates and other "monster minds" that he had the privilege to work with had a profound and enduring influence on his thinking.


Dr. Amar credits an outstanding education for his success in business and management. His belief in the value of education to improve people's lives is the basis of our company philosophy.

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